About Us

Welcome to Biocrop

Biocrop Limited was formed by 3 forward thinking individuals with quite different business backgrounds but each has a very clear understanding of the environment imperative. Which is to lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of fresh water resources. The Biocrop directors also recognize the long term need of farmers and growers to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in order to improve the fresh water quality and move towards sustainable production if we are to adequately feed the worlds rapidly growing population.

The company is the sole distributor in New Zealand of this Organic Poly-Microbial Fertilizer , StandUp with Sumagrow inside.

Biocrop Limited has full technical backing of the US based manufacturer of Sumagrow, Biosoil Enhancers Inc and with the support of our licensee Farmorganix Group we have gained considerable knowledge and experience to offer consultancy services to growers on product performance and the benefit it offers as an alternative fertilizer.

We love what we do and we believe that what we do will make a difference today and for the generations to come.

Company directors & their contact are as follows;

Chris Hook – cris@biocrop.co.nz – +64 21 909 874
Ashok Chandra- ashok@biocrop.co.nz. +62 22 612 4050
Tim Matheoda – tim@biocrop.co.nz – +64 21 985 822

Advantages of StandUp
  • Proven by 10+ years of University research and documented field trials
  • Concentration and combination of microbes is unmatched industry-wide
  • More effective than all other microbial products and at a lower cost
  • Effective on all crops, fruits, vegetables, pasture and turf
  • Promotes greater root structure and increases soil organic matter
  • Increase yield, higher brix levels and longer shelf life